4 Ways to Keep Your Betta Fish Happy

As someone who really appreciates caring for Betta fish, I have come to a point in my life where I think it necessary to share some of my experiences. As well as give you some tips that you can use to keep your own Betta happy and healthy. Here are four things that you must always do for your pet fish:

First, you need to make it your priority to provide them with a nice home. Something that really bugs me is that people will put their Betta in a small bowl, and never interact or care for them. This is really something that you should never do. In order for your Betta to be happy, they need a larger tank. A five gallon tank will provide them with enough room to explore and have fun. It will also increase the amount of years they live.

Second, always give them quality food. This is something that must be addressed. These fish are used to tropical climates where there is an abundance of food. If you hope to create the best living space for your fish, you need to give them only the best in terms of nutrition. So before you stuff them full of additives and preservatives, do your research on the best food for Betta fish. The amount of food that you feed them at any given moment is also important. These fish will only require small amounts of food. Some will tell you to feed them every day. This is not the best choice. Feed them four times a week. This will keep them strong, and decrease their chances of Betta diseases.

Third, provide some additional items to keep them busy. If you were stuck in a fish tank, would you be OK with just a bunch of water? I know I wouldn’t. Be sure to locate and purchase the best decorations and toys for your fish tank. Plants make it more fun for your Betta to explore their environment. Make sure that you avoid any plants that can be harmful to your Betta. Beta fish are also very interested in having company. If you don’t have another Betta fish, you can add a mirror to mimic one. Your Beta will look at themselves in the mirror, and puff up in an attempt to intimidate the reflection. This is very funny to watch if you are interested in that sort of thing.

Finally, make sure that the water temperature in their tank is at around seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit. This will help create the best environment for your fish. They come from a warmer climate, so this will help them be comfortable and live longer.