Blue Crayfish Tank Mates

On the off chance that you claim a blue crayfish, you may have taken in the most difficult way possible that an extraordinary ol’ fish will work in a fish tank with a crayfish. Discovering blue crayfish tank mates isn’t that difficult to do, but you need to recognize what sorts of “companions” your blue companion will like.

Scavengers and Slow Fish

Scavengers and moderate fish don’t make great blue crayfish tank mates. As you most likely know, crayfish love fish of assorted types. This implies live fish and dead fish the same. So in the event that you put moderate moving fish in the tank, or fish that feed on the base of the tank, the odds of those fish getting eaten are pretty godforsaken’ great.

Tank Mates that Will Work

Incidentally, there are fish that can be placed in a fish tank with blue crayfish and endure. Well fish that will in any event have a greatly improved possibility of enduring. These sorts of fish are obviously the specific inverse of the fish referenced previously.

Fish that can work in a fish tank with blue crayfish are fish that can swim quick and additionally swim towards the highest point of the tank. For instance, I have a red tail shark in my ten-gallon tank. He’s a quick swimmer and does really well with the crayfish.

I likewise have an ax fish. Ax fish work great in a tank with crayfish since they swim at the highest point of the aquarium. This obviously makes them great blue crayfish tank mates. Two different sorts of fish you might need to consider are ruddy red minnows and rainbow darters; among a few others.

Simply do your exploration like you are doing now. There are a lot of lovely fish that can exist together with blue crayfish. Be that as it may, simply anticipate it, one day you will wake up or get back home from work and one of your preferred little fishies will be absent… Furthermore, you will know precisely who to fault. – The little blue critter.

Other Crayfish

Other crayfish can make great blue crayfish tank mates. In any case, you simply need to ensure they are similar species.

Crayfish can be regional. So it’s an awesome plan to have a “safe house” or decoration in your tank for every crayfish. This can be something as straightforward as a bit of PVC pipe or a locally acquired decoration.

By and by, fake “safe houses” that appear as though logs work great. They give crayfish a spot to the tunnel. – And tunneling and hanging out will be particularly significant when crayfish shed.

At the point when crayfish shed, they will turn out to be delicate. – And lamentably when this occurs, they can turn into the objective of other crayfish in the tank.