Fish Make The Greatest Pets

aren’t the kids always asking for a pet or another pet?

You don’t want a cat – there’s that entire litter box thing. You don’t want to train a pup, in addition to what about when you want to leave for the evening? Winged animals make such a wreck and can be quite boisterous. And then there’s those “rat” things.

At the point when we discovered we were expecting our first youngster we chose to decorate the nursery in tropical fish stylistic layout. At that point we thought a fish tank in the room would be ideal for the “white clamor” and for a decent night light. So we purchased a 10 gallon tank set that cost about $40 for everything except for the fish. We had no piece of information about caring for fish, so we just got a couple of fancy guppies that were about $3 each. How cheap!!

Who realized we’d gotten addicted? Indeed, me anyways. We learned that guppies are live bearers, meaning that they have “live” babies instead of laying eggs and they can be all sorts of pretty colors. Obviously, we learned a couple of things about raising guppies and haven’t went through any more cash purchasing fish (well, aside from a couple of increasingly extraordinary colored guppies and a greater tank to start reproducing our own)!

Fish are so easy to take care of and are rather cheap to keep. We clean out their tank a little bit each month and spend about $2 on food for them that lasts about 3 months. The children all affection the guppies – their pretty colors and especially watching the babies develop. I love the guppies because they’re cheap, relaxing, neat, calm and they teach the youngsters about responsibility with having a pet.