Four Things to Consider When Keeping Other Fish With Your Pet Crayfish

If you’re going to have a puppy crayfish, there are a few stuff you might need to consider. After having a pet crayfish for nearly 3 years, I even have discovered several vital things about puppy crayfish care.

Tank Size

First off, tank size will be very crucial in case you plan on having a crayfish and other fish. For one, crayfish are very dirty creatures. A crayfish can dirty up a tank instead of fast through the waste it produces. For this reason, I’d suggest at the least a twenty-gallon tank. Personally, I’ve been in a position to hold my very own crayfish in a ten-gallon tank. However, doing so required greater frequent water adjustments in order to hold the tank looking sparkling and clean.

Also, a bigger tank will offer more room in your crayfish and different fish. This is right as crayfish are very territorial creatures.

Types of Tank Mates

Crayfish are aggressive creatures. They are omnivores who love nothing greater than getting their claws on something and consuming it. They have no problem consuming special the fish to your tank, the flowers, and even other crayfish when you have them.

So if you plan on having specific fish to your fish tank together with your domestic dog crayfish, get fish who’re also aggressive. Fish that swim close to the pinnacle of the tank and who’re speedy work superb too.

Currently, I even have hatchet fish and a purple tail shark in my twenty-gallon tank alongside my pet blue crayfish. The crimson tail shark has definitely been living with my pet crayfish for approximately years. It’s labored out very well due to the fact he too is aggressive, swims close to the pinnacle of the tank, and is a fast swimmer. This does not suggest that my crayfish do not try and grasp him up from time to time; he does.

Remember, fish who are slow and swim close to the lowest of the fish tank, where crayfish dwell, is possible to be eaten. I even have lost some fish early on due to the fact they were sluggish-swimming fish.


Mine enjoy been that if I preserve my crayfish fed well, they aren’t commonly as aggressive. Obviously, the greater hungry a crayfish is, the extra possibly it’s miles to try to are seeking out and seize your one of a kind fish. So maintain your crayfish fed, but of course, do no longer overfeed him.

Get a Hideout

Your crayfish desires a hideout. Again, crayfish are territorial and like to have an area to burrow. This is especially real and crucial whilst your pup crayfish molts. Because whilst a crayfish molts, he too will become a goal to other creatures within the tank, as he’s weak. Hideouts are reasonably-priced and may be bought at any pet store. Or you may simply motive them to out of PVC pipe.