Instructions to Bring Your New Betta Fish Home Safely

It’s always an exhilarating inclination to purchase another betta fish. As you take a gander at your new finned companion and bring him home, you’re excited to acquaint him with his new home as well. As brilliant as this minute is, there are barely any means you ought to follow to guarantee a happy and healthy betta!

Recollect that this excursion can be traumatic for your baby betta on the off chance that you don’t take the best possible precautions. When your betta leaves his first home to go into his new home, the transition can be troublesome and harmful to your fish. Read on to find out how to make this transition as smooth as conceivable.

From the Pet Store to Your Home

When you pick your finned companion, it’s an ideal opportunity to get him prepared for the excursion ahead. Pack him in a “doubled” bag loaded up with a full amount of water. The extra water is beneficial and will help your betta feel progressively comfortable. Make sure you have a dark bag with you; this will help keep your Betta calm. Despite the fact that pet stores normally place fish in clear cellophane bags, it isn’t the ideal condition. As a last resort, put the cellophane bag within a paper bag to cure the situation. Another tip is to keep your betta decent and warm by bringing a small-insulated cooler and placing a paper bag within that.

Your Betta and His New Tank

Prepare your betta’s fish tank some time before you purchase him from the pet store. If not, it may bring about “new tank disorder.” Without the best possible tank cycling, ammonia will be created in the aquarium more rapid than the bacteria can tolerate. This will cause a lot of worry to your betta. On the off chance that you notice the colors of your fish start to dull and he attempts to rest at the tank base or stow away near decorations, he may be dealing with “new tank disorder.” If along these lines, I suggest you test your tank water for nitrates and ammonia on the double. In the event that the levels are higher than suggested, change a percentage of the tank water and test it again. On the off chance that the levels have not improved, repeat this procedure until your levels are at their ideal. After that, your betta ought to be happy and back to normal!

Time to Enter the Tank

It’s finally time to acquaint your betta fish with his new home! Essentially open the pet store bag where your fish is contained, and marginally tip it into the tank. Along these lines he can swim out into your aquarium when he feels ready. Although these means may appear to be troublesome, over the long haul it’s the best betta fish care strategies that will keep your fish healthy. On the off chance that you want your betta to cherish his new home, it merits the extra exertion.