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Intriguing Facts About Clownfish

There are several facts about clownfish that have helped them in getting one of the principal fish many specialists decide for their saltwater aquariums. A long time before Disney gave the saltwater business a fix of adrenaline with the release of “Finding Nemo”, clowns were already one of the most popular captive marine fish because ...Read more

Types of Tropical Fish

As the name recommends, tropical fish are found in the tropical districts of the Earth. These fish are classified under two categories, the salt water and the new water fish. In any case, just the new water fish are named as ‘tropical’ by the individuals who rear fishes. Suitable for rearing in aquariums, tropical fish ...Read more

Ghost Knife Fish to the Home Aquarium

The Ghost Knife fish, (Apteronotus albifrons) is an interesting tropical specimen that originated in the Amazon Basin in Peru and Paraguay. Most Knife Fish are black in color except for two white rings on its tail and a blaze of white at the nose, which sometimes will stripe down its back. The fish has no ...Read more

Koi: Why the High Price?

A question many people have asked over the years: why are these fish so expensive? There is no real simple answer for this as there are so many aspects to consider. Once you have gone through all of the contributing factors you will better understand why the price of Koi is high and why it’s ...Read more

Koi Pond Algae

At some point in time every Koi pond will develop an algae problem. The important thing for the Koi keeper to understand is what a good algae is and what is a bad algae. No doubt many of you will be wondering, how there can be good algae in a pond. We will have a ...Read more

Naming Your Pet Fish

Fishes make awesome pets to get. They are easier to care for compared to other traditional pets like dogs, cats as well as other domesticated animals. One of the most irritating things that you have to deal with as a traditional pet owner is the fact that you need to pick up after your pets. ...Read more

Using the Right Water Temperature for Betta Fish

Betta fish have been known about for hundreds of years. In order to properly care for these tropical fish, one must take care to learn the techniques necessary. Betta’s are originally from Siam. They were bred for fighting, and have recently been announced as great pets. What does it mean to care for a Betta ...Read more

Simple Facts About Betta Fish

In this article, you will learn some facts about Betta fish. These beautiful fish are known for bright colors, and long, wavy fins. Betta Origins The Beta fish is originally from Southeast Asia. You will find that these fish are plentiful. With dozens of species to choose from, you will have a hard time deciding ...Read more

Finding Fish Tanks for Sale

Fish are among the most rewarding and common pets kept by mankind. This is because keeping them does not consume much of your time like birds, dogs or cats. Additionally, the sight of an aquarium in your house is always pleasant to behold. However, you need to carry out some research and do a little ...Read more