Koi Pond Filtration Systems

When installing koi pond equipment, you need to ensure that you have a proper filtration system. Unfortunately, koi pond filtration systems are often overlooked. People do not seem to realize how important it is to have a good system. Without one, it won’t be long before your koi die. Here is a closer look.

The Different Systems
It’s unfortunate that many people think that all Koi pond filtration systems are the same. There are systems that are composed of two main filters. The first is a main filter that blocks all large debris from entering the filtration system. The second part is a small filter, such as a microfilter, that helps block all small waste. Such two-part systems work in unison to maximize filtration yet ensure a high flow of water.

Then, there are filtration systems that work in 3 steps. These include the above filters with an addition of a biofilter. In such systems, the main filter is placed before all other filters. From there, a “prefilter” is added and removes any and all small remaining waste and debris. Finally, the biofilter helps remove the ammonia excreted by the Koi.

Why does a Biofilter Matter?
A biofilter is a very special kind of filter that is placed after a prefilter. This filter is made up of organic microorganisms and is used to treat the water in a very special way. The microorganisms in a biofilter are responsible for breaking down the nitrogenous waste excreted by your koi. This nitrogenous waste is usually in the form of ammonia.

Although, it must be remembered that a biofilter must always be placed after a prefilter. The job of a prefilter is to remove any small debris or waste that may be lurking in the water. It then passes the water onto the biofilter. If the biofilter was placed first, all that you would end up getting a biofilter that clogs up really fast.

Unfortunately, many koi owners install 3-step koi pond filtration systems but forget how many koi they have. The more koi you keep, the more waste will be excreted. With more waste being passed through the biofilter, it will need to be changed regularly. Be ready for that.