Move From Hydroponics To The New System

The system under discussion, involves combination of two different types of ecosystem.

• Hydroponics – This refers to cultivating plants in a medium without soil (and the medium is mostly water)

• Aquaculture – This refers to fish farming, including fishes like Tilapia, trout, etc.

This combination has several advantages, including a safe and easy way of cultivating plants. This ease ensures this system can be used to decorate your homes, where the ambience and cleanliness take utmost priority. This system promotes and ensures organic growth for both the fish and the plants. The two entities are mutually beneficial, when put into this controlled ecosystem.

The fish waste provides the nutrients required for the plants for organic growth. These plants absorb the necessary nutrients and also ensure they clean the water through their natural biological process. This process enriches the water and the fish with the nutrients they require for growth. The way this ecosystem works is that you flush out the water regularly, to enable fresh water in the system. However, even without this flush out of water, the existing water itself proves beneficial for both plants and the fish as it is said that the older the water gets, the better it is for the plants and animals in it.

Considering the reduced amount of water required to setup and run this system, this system is recommended for those regions with hot temperatures and a scarcity of rainfall. The initial cost of this system may be high, but rest assured, the benefits are high. You get to grow your plants as per your requirement, without the hassles of managing the soil required for plants generally. Also, if you are a fish eater, then bingo! Here is your ‘catch’!

With all the above, if you plan to get this system setup, you would first need to get an understanding on how the system works, what are its benefits, what are the initial setup tasks and what goes into its maintenance, etc.

Please be aware that if you plan to sow seeds, in order to grow them into plants, then you may require some clay for a startup. So, do not be surprised that in this system, where soil is eliminated, there is still a requirement for clay! This is required if you need to start from a seed!

Find a person knowledgeable on this or read more on this system so you can get a setup for yourself at the earliest.