Suitable Betta Fish Tank Decor

Betta fish are probably among the most popular fishes to breed nowadays and it is easy to perceive any reason why. These fish look absolutely staggering with their vibrant colors and long lovely fins, it is hard to imagine that they actually originate from the dim waters of rice fields in Southeast Asia. Apart from how beautifully they look, another in addition to purpose of having the Betta fish as a pet is the means by which intense they are. These fish originate from the absolute generally dank and ineffectively aerated waters and have advanced to be incredibly hardy. You can easily keep a Betta fish in a modest little water container with no filtration and no aeration and they would in any case endure well. This is because it is one of only a handful scarcely any fish that is actually fine with taking in atmospheric air if the oxygen concentration of the water is low.

But the downside to the Betta fish is that they are very territorial. In Southeast Asia, they are also called Fighting Fish. At the point when two male Betta are placed in closeness, they would battle to the death, a brutal game that the local children partake in. You can easily recognize the male and female, the male being the colorful ones and the females generally plain and unattractive. The female Betta also will in general be a little less aggressive. This would mean that you would just have the option to keep one Betta in your fish tank and have no other fish in there or it may tear the other fish apart.

While picking suitable fish tank ornaments for your Betta fish, you would have to take into consideration their aggressive nature. You would need to guarantee that your fish tank stylistic theme does not harm the Betta at all.

The primary thing to avoid is having any stylistic layout with an intelligent surface. Avoid mirrors like the plague. In the event that the Betta sees its appearance in the mirror, it will assume that there is another male in there with it and will go into attack mode. It will continue hitting itself against the mirror until it eventually drains and kicks the bucket. You may find an aquarium toy sold with a mirror that is apparently meant to keep Betta fish stimulated but it is certifiably not something to be thankful for to have for this sort of aggressive fish, so I would prescribe not getting it.

You would want to get an ornament that furnishes the fish with a small cave to go into. One great aquarium style to get is a floating Betta log, which is a plain empty log that floats at the surface. Since Betta fish breathe in atmospheric air as well, having them near the surface during their rest time is a smart thought. Betta do require a confined place to go into and rest occasionally.

In the event that there is space constraints in your tank and a floating log would expend a lot of area at the top, you could decide on one that is placed at the base of the tank. Or then again you could also get soft artificial plants that would allow the fish to swim in the middle of and conceal when it feels a need. Do not get artificial plants that are solid and hard, or they would scrape their bodies against it to an extreme and cause sore to appear.

Attempt your absolute best to guarantee that the ornaments you get are natural looking, for example, shakes, plants and logs. You can put normal fish tank decorations on the off chance that you want, for example, submerged ships and castle, simply make sure there are not sharp parts that may harm it. Being aggressive, Betta fish have the propensity to dart into the cave especially whenever frightened, so you do not want them harming themselves against a sharp part.