Using Automatic Feeders to Feed Your Goldfish

For many people keeping goldfish, making sure that they are properly fed can turn into a burden. If new owners are not aware of how often feedings need to occur, daily care can become tiresome. Most experts recommend feeding your goldfish small portions of food a minimum of three times per day, while many people will feed 5 or more times throughout the day.

Unless you work from home or are around consistently enough to keep up with regular feedings, the most viable option may be an automatic feeder. These feeders can be set to provide a portion of food to your fish tank at specific intervals.

Get a Brand You Can Trust

There are a number of different companies out there which produce quality automatic feeders. It is important to research a company before using their product, as the health of your fish can depend on how well the automatic feeder works.

Some of the most popular brands of feeders include:


Fish Mate


Use Quality Food and Measure How Much is Dispensing

Whenever you install a new automatic fish feeder, it is important to monitor its functionality. Different models will work differently with various types of food, so be sure to watch how well your new feeder is performing. Many models are able to dispense round pellets much more evenly than flake food, but no matter what you feed, ensuring you’re using a high-quality food which will evenly dispense should be the biggest priority. It is vital to make sure that the feedings are being done evenly and accurately, as underfeeding can lead to skinny and unhealthy goldfish.

Make Sure Your Automatic Feeder is Clean

When looking at automatic feeds, make sure that the model you are considering can be easily cleaned. Anytime you are dealing with food, mold should be a constant concern. With complex and improperly cleaned feeders, moist food residue can create mold over time which can be harmful to your fish population if it gets into the tank.

It is important to regularly take your feeder apart and clean it well. This can not only keep mold from forming on its surface, but can also ensure that the feeding mechanism does not clog due to leftover food pieces. Common maintenance should include wiping crumbs from the discharge hole whenever you refill the feeder as this area has is one of the most likely to come into contact with moisture.

Following a feeding schedule of 3+ times per day can become difficult for many goldfish owners, especially those who work long hours away from home. By incorporating an automatic feeder into your tank setup you are able to schedule reliable feedings, even when you are far from your fish. By purchasing a high-quality performing feeder and ensuring that it is properly maintained, you can remove a lot of the time requirements of caring for your goldfish and spend more time enjoying their beauty.