Using the Right Water Temperature for Betta Fish

Betta fish have been known about for hundreds of years. In order to properly care for these tropical fish, one must take care to learn the techniques necessary. Betta’s are originally from Siam. They were bred for fighting, and have recently been announced as great pets. What does it mean to care for a Betta fish? Well, one must find that out for themselves.

However, in this article, you will discover how easy it is to care for these wonderful pets. First off, let me start with Betta basics. Betta fish are tropical fish. They come from Siam, and are known for their beautiful colors. One thing that must be taken into consideration, is the water temperature of their fish tank. Since these fish are from a tropical climate, it would be wise to abide by a set of guidelines.

Be sure to change your water often, as algae build up can occur. Also, it would be wise to purchase a water filter. Water filters are great for keeping your fish tank clean. When you change the water, make sure that you don’t do it all at one time. This can cause your Betta to go into shock. Instead, change only twenty percent each week.

Next, make sure that your Betta’s water temperature is sufficient. Since he is a tropical fish, you need to keep the tank at about seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, eighty degrees Fahrenheit would work as well.

One thing that you could do to ensure that the proper precautions are being taken is to purchase a water heater. Always read the directions so that nothing unfortunate happens. It should be pretty easy to do.

Now, location is also important. Be sure to avoid windows and other places where your tank could become to hot. You should find a secluded place for your Betta. But, he should also be somewhere around family. I suggest that you have his home placed in the family room. You see, these fish like attention. You should interact with your fish on a regular basis. I’m not saying you should treat it like a son. But, it also needs attention every now and then.

Another way that you can keep the water temperature warmer is by placing a mirror in the tank. Mirrors absorb light. This is perfect for maintaining water heat. Be sure to get one that is safe for your fish. You can find all kinds of mirrors. Look for one that is of medium size.