What Is The Best Fish Tank For a Crayfish?

What is the first-class fish tank for a pet crayfish? Well, the solution to this question depends on some things. Do you plan on having different fish stay together with your pet crayfish? Do you plan on having every other puppy crayfish all together? Because in case you do, a laptop aquarium or 10-gallon fish tank probably may not be ideal. I recognize from experience. Personally, I’d recommend a 20-gallon fish tank for just one crayfish, nothing smaller.

Crayfish Are Very Dirty

Crayfish are dirty little creatures. They positioned out numerous waste. And this waste can make your tank ugly and poisonous for different fish if you have them. With a bigger tank, like a 20-gallon tank, there’s extra water to take at a load of all your pet crayfish’s waste.

Crayfish Are Aggressive and Territorial

Crayfish will eat and fight pretty much anything. They are outstanding competitive, and territorial. Having stated that, if you plan on having different fish on your tank, you want a tank that is massive sufficient to hold anybody comfortably. Having a larger tank will reduce the chances that your different fish get eaten by means of your pet crayfish. They’ll have more space to swim. And your puppy crayfish may have his little territory all to himself. Remember, though, with crayfish, some other fish in your tank may turn out to be crayfish food at any given moment. I always propose putting aggressive fish inside the tank and fish that swim close to the top. Redtail shark, mollies, and hatchet fish can often work well with puppy crayfish. They have for me within the past anyway.

Water Changes

With a fish tank that is a minimum of 20 gallons, dealing with water adjustments to your crayfish, and different fish could be a lot easier. Speaking of, make certain which you alternate more or less 25% of the water weekly. This will ensure a healthy, smooth tank. One with a view to helping preserve your different fish continue to be healthy, in addition to your pet crayfish.

If You Get Two Crayfish

If you make a decision to get crayfish and positioned them in a single fish tank, based on my experience, it’s handiest a rely of time on before one eats the different. Personally, I assume you’ll need a tank larger than 20 gallons for 2 crayfish. However, if you ought to have two crayfish, make sure you’ve got separate hideouts for them both. These can be sold online, produced from PVC, or discovered in maximum pet shops that sell aquariums.