Why Do People Dump Pet Goldfish?

There are many reasons why people end up dumping their pet goldfish. The most common reasons have one thing in common. They are all based on a lack of information. A little research before buying a pet goldfish could have saved them the problems that result in dumping a pet.

For instance, with good research, they would know that the cute little goldfish that is less than an inch long could end up growing to be several inches long and can in some cases reach a length of a foot or more. One of the main reasons people dump goldfish is because they outgrow their tanks. Some people find that the pet goldfish is just not as cute when it’s full grown.

With some research they would know that goldfish need a lot of room. While they are small you can have a tank that is only 40 gallons, but as they grow you will need to keep getting larger aquariums for them. Failure to supply your pet goldfish with a large enough tank can lead to the goldfish becoming deformed. Goldfish are one breed that will restrict its growth if there is not enough water for them to reach their full growth.

Many people chose fish as pets because they think that there is less care and maintenance involved in an aquarium. Some research would tell them that while goldfish may only need to be fed once or twice a day, there is still maintenance that needs to be done on a regular basis. One example of this is the need to perform a 75% water change at least once a week in order to prevent the buildup of waste products. Goldfish are considered to be dirty fish because of the high levels of ammonia they produce. Without proper cleaning the water quality becomes dangerously bad in a short period of time.

More research would tell pet goldfish owners that dumping their pets in rivers or lakes can cause serious problems for the ecology. Instead of dumping their pets in the wild it would be better to find a pond or dig a pond for them to live in. Goldfish being a cold water fish can often survive in ponds. If your goldfish has reached a size where you can no longer take care of it, talk to local parks or zoos. They may have ponds or aquariums that can house your pet.

Goldfish can make excellent pets, but before you decide on one, make sure that you know what you’re getting into. A little research before you purchase your new pet will save you heartache later. Make sure that you have an aquarium that is large enough to allow for the growth of your pet. Low rectangular aquariums make the best home for goldfish because they like to swim horizontally rather than up and down.